I create mobile-friendly websites, touchscreen applications and exceptional user experiences.
From concept and strategy, to design, programming and implementation, I combine creative design with appropriate technology to address real user needs. I'm a user experience specialist.
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User Experience

Empathy is the of a great user experience.

A great user experience is paramount in creating digital products and services that are useful, intuitive, and enjoyable for users to interact with. By putting the user's needs and preferences at the center of the design process, user experience design can help ensure that their products are more accessible, efficient, and effective. A positive user experience leads to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement with a brand or product. It's takes what matters most and keeps it there.


20 years of designing for major brands. 20 years of making clients happy.

It's about knowing where to start. It's about knowing how to finish. And it's about preparedness to overcome challenges at every phase of the design process. I have two decades of experience designing user-centric interfaces, and over 500 successful design projects under my belt. I'm the guy that can help you design your next great user experience.

I don't just have the design chops. I also write code and I bring great ideas to life.


I was developing for touch devices way before Apple changed our lives.

Technology can be complex, but it needs to make things easier. It should deliver content and a user experience that accomplishes very specific goals. I help clients to embrace technologies that meet their business needs and budgets. I'm current in my knowledge and experience developing with CSS 3.0, PHP, WCAG 2.0 compliancy and accessibility standards, MySQL, responsive and adaptive web design, CMS solutions including WordPress, Expression Engine and Magento, and all modern web technologies.


I'm not just slapping up logos here. I've helped each of these brands in a meaningful way.

Lots of designers and agencies put big-brand logos on their websites, even when they've played very small roles on little projects. I'm not one of those people. For each of these clients, I've served as UX Designer, Creative Director, Technical Director (or all and in-between) on high-level, impactful projects.

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Looking for more some actual projects? Check out my portfolio.