Saint John Ambulance

A custom-built, mobile-responsive website with QR code integration.
Client: Saint John Ambulance
Responsibilities: Wireframes, UX, Design, Programming
Agency: New Angle Communications
URL: Campaign Ended

A unique approach to improving brand awareness

St. John Ambulance wanted to improve awareness and recognition of their brand, and they wanted to do it in a unique, impactful way. The campaign involved display of printed posters in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, that featured nothing more than powerful imagery and a QR code. People who saw the posters could scan the QR code with their mobile devices, and they’d be directed to responsive, mobile-friendly website where they’d be prompted to watch a short video and to sign up for a special offer.

Making good use of technology

QR codes are so often misused, but this application was a perfect example of having all the right tools and technology in place to make the campaign successful: Printed posters that sparked curiosity and were easily scanned, a responsive website that delivered an exceptional user experience for visitors on their tablets and smartphones, and an engaging, mobile-friendly video.

Capturing the mobile audience

As we expected, the majority of website traffic is arriving via mobile device. In fact, metrics show us that hundreds of different brands and sizes of devices have accessed the site. The success of this mobile-friendly initiative is ongoing, and I was happy to work on such an important project.